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  ~Nailah Garard - Half Hollow Hills Highh School East -Visual Arts Winner
Nailah Garard - Visual Arts - Portrait - "Trapped" (11th grade - Half Hollow Hills High School East) $1,000.00 College Scholarship.  

My name is Nailah Garard, I am sixteen years old and I am currently a Junior attending Half Hollow Hills High School East. I am CEO and owner of N​ai Arts,​ which is a business that reflects a fusion of two of my passions, Art and Fashion.
I design trendy and environmentally­-friendly t-­shirts on which I paint creative designs by hand. I am honored to be L​Long Island’s Miss Community Queen​of 2014 where I was recognized by my volunteering efforts in my community. I am apart of an organization called Energeia where I worked with other youth leaders to launch our campaign called S​.T.A.R.,​a campaign for the purpose of aiding young adults in their struggle with low­ self-esteem. I am honored to be working as a Peer Leader in the organization of Y​our Time for Creative Empowerment, a nonprofit corporation that educates and empowers families through the use of art, fashion and culture. I am on the Varsity team of the Hills East Track and Field team. I​am currently President of the Model UN club, member of the National Art Honors Society, Amnesty, Art Club and devoted student in many honors and advanced placement courses.